Professional Ocean Service Integrator—UOE.

Ocean towing and ocean transport, loading and unloading of heavy and lengthy cargoes, ocean rescue and salvage,prevention and removal of serious ocean pollutions, port and navigation channel and bridge engineering technological services, offshore petroleum engineering technological services, vessel management, professional Engineering hoisting and installation contractor, hoisting equipment leasing services, ship repairing and building & ocean petroleum steel structure fabrication facility, maritime technological services , investigation and survey, maritime consultancy service.

Wreck、oil pollution removal

In response to the nation’s marine economic and environmental development requirements, UOE is proactively engaged in ocean rescue and salvage as well as prevention and removal of serious ocean pollutions. UOE is responsible for the rescue and salvage of ocean vessels, facilities and properties; emergency removal of oil stocks on sunken vessels and oil spills from vessels in distress; prevention of ocean environmental pollution; and emergency ocean towing and barging, special ocean transport, and slop treatment. UOE provides solid material assurance and technical support for emergency assistance, rescue and salvage, and has fulfilled various rescue and assistance and emergency pollutant cleanup missions with distinction. UOE boasts well-experienced command teams for ocean rescue and salvage and for prevention and treatment of major ocean pollutions, as well as a specialized rescue fleet and a well-stocked emergency material warehouse, capable of providing salvage services for ocean vessels and facilities in distress, environmental assistance and property assistance services anytime.

Offshore engineering

In view of the emerging trends of the ocean petroleum development market, UOE has formed a professional ocean petroleum engineering technological service team, providing a diverse range of technological services, such as towing, positioning, anchor handling, platform manning, transport, hoisting, and underground testing. Over the years, UOE has provided professional ocean petroleum engineering technical services for Russian and Singaporean petroleum companies and has built a prestigious reputation and strong brand recognition.

Offshore wind farm installation

With the promotion of the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", the abundant style energy of the sea can rely on the source and today's technical feasibility, and the ocean has become a smooth feng shui and electricity. Lianhe Haigong closely follow the development trend of the offshore wind power development market, and establish a professional team of offshore wind power engineering construction and technical services. Provide offshore wind power foundation installation, submarine cable laying, wind power operation and maintenance, floating wind power overall installation and other construction and technical services for offshore wind mines. It has successively provided professional and technical services for wind power energy companies such as Three Gorges, CGN, NPI and Longyuan Zhenhua, creating a good reputation and brand effect.

Ocean Towage

Ocean towage is one of the main businesses of our company. Our company has a number of tugboats, and has two 23500 horsepower tugboats with a towing power of 260t . All high horsepower tugboats meet international standards and are certified by ISO900, DOC and SMC.

Maritime consultant

1. Average accident investigation, evidence collection, analysis, claim agency, litigation; 2. Hull damage inspection, mechanical and electrical damage inspection, cargo damage inspection, offshore facility damage inspection, dock and facility damage inspection; 3. Ship starting/chartering inspection, ship purchase and sale inspection, ship pre-insurance inspection, draft inspection, loading / unloading, cargo inspection of cabin/container condition and cleanliness, binding identification of goods, inspection before cargo loading. 4. Provide port and shipping legal support and services. 5. Ship navigation safety assessment, navigation environment assessment, dock berthing safety assessment, ship assessment. 6. Marine pollution assessment, ship pollution prevention consultation, maritime dangerous goods consultation. 7. Marine engineering technical consultation, maritime search and rescue salvage consultation. 8. Ship registration, ship inspection and technical certificate handling.