Offshore wind farm installation

With the promotion of the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", the abundant style energy of the sea can rely on the source and today's technical feasibility, and the ocean has become a smooth feng shui and electricity. Lianhe Haigong closely follow the development trend of the offshore wind power development market, and establish a professional team of offshore wind power engineering construction and technical services. Provide offshore wind power foundation installation, submarine cable laying, wind power operation and maintenance, floating wind power overall installation and other construction and technical services for offshore wind mines. It has successively provided professional and technical services for wind power energy companies such as Three Gorges, CGN, NPI and Longyuan Zhenhua, creating a good reputation and brand effect.

Position Jacket Unloaded (Weight 750t)

Wind Power (4-Piles Type) Foundation Installation

Booster Station Jacket Installation

Tower Installation