Wreck、oil pollution removal

In response to the nation’s marine economic and environmental development requirements, UOE is proactively engaged in ocean rescue and salvage as well as prevention and removal of serious ocean pollutions. UOE is responsible for the rescue and salvage of ocean vessels, facilities and properties; emergency removal of oil stocks on sunken vessels and oil spills from vessels in distress; prevention of ocean environmental pollution; and emergency ocean towing and barging, special ocean transport, and slop treatment. UOE provides solid material assurance and technical support for emergency assistance, rescue and salvage, and has fulfilled various rescue and assistance and emergency pollutant cleanup missions with distinction. UOE boasts well-experienced command teams for ocean rescue and salvage and for prevention and treatment of major ocean pollutions, as well as a specialized rescue fleet and a well-stocked emergency material warehouse, capable of providing salvage services for ocean vessels and facilities in distress, environmental assistance and property assistance services anytime.

"Ji friend" unload for rescue

"Yong yi da 7”discharge for salvage

"Zhu yang2" heavy oil removal