Maritime consultant

1. Average accident investigation, evidence collection, analysis, claim agency, litigation; 2. Hull damage inspection, mechanical and electrical damage inspection, cargo damage inspection, offshore facility damage inspection, dock and facility damage inspection; 3. Ship starting/chartering inspection, ship purchase and sale inspection, ship pre-insurance inspection, draft inspection, loading / unloading, cargo inspection of cabin/container condition and cleanliness, binding identification of goods, inspection before cargo loading. 4. Provide port and shipping legal support and services. 5. Ship navigation safety assessment, navigation environment assessment, dock berthing safety assessment, ship assessment. 6. Marine pollution assessment, ship pollution prevention consultation, maritime dangerous goods consultation. 7. Marine engineering technical consultation, maritime search and rescue salvage consultation. 8. Ship registration, ship inspection and technical certificate handling.

Laying 3m fairway buoy

Throw buoy

Survey the anchor chain around "Dong ding" island