Operating Guidelines:

Operating with sincerity and honest, embarking on constant innovation, making concerted efforts to pursue growth, and facilitating mutual development.

We win clients by building credibility and secure success with acts of sincerity. We treat credibility as fundamental to corporate survival. Each and every business solicitation, correspondence, negotiation and contract is a manifestation of our sincerity.

We adopt an open-minded attitude towards new circumstances and issues in our progress of development. We employ innovative concepts and high-tech prowess to eliminate bottlenecks on growth. We strive to outdo ourselves, to make what is impossible possible, and to turn possibility into reality.

We face changes in the business sector with visions and ambitions. We assimilate advanced corporate cultures and scientific management expertise from different nations. We pursue win-win results with our counterparts, partners and employees and strive to maximize benefits for the community.

We respect and treat each and every client and partner with sincerity. We put others ahead of ourselves and capitalize on our success to facilitate others’ success. We’re committed to becoming a top-class ocean service integrator, facilitating mutual growth and contributing to common prosperity.